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 Lp Jan from Cambodia
 Lp Somchai , Wat Darn Gwee-an, Korat
 Lp Anan Wat Bangpinoi Samutprakan
 Kruba keow mah , Wat Roong doo Payao
 Lp In , Wat NongMek Surin
LuangPu Sawat (Porpulersi) Wat kasetsuk Payao
 LP Khambu , Kudchomphoo temple , Ubonratchatani
 LuangPu Nong Wat Wungsithong Sakaew
 Krubah Det , Samnakpacha BanMairattanaKosin
 kruba Taiong , Wat donkookaikaew , Payao
 Lp amnard Mahaveero , Chaiyaphoom
 lp Duen , Wat Banmai sattratham , Burirum
 Lp Simeung , Wat KHankhuntod , Supanburi
 Lp Samarn Wat Nah Sa Nak , Chantaburi
 Archan Ves
Lp Sawat Wat Pahsenudom ,Ubonratchatani
 Lp Boonlai Wat Nonsai Thong ,AmnatCharoen
 Poo Prom Jaw sane from Tah khi lek , Myanmar
 Lp Koi Samnak Pahdeng, Chantaburi
 Lp Khanti Khanti Talo
 Lp Khern Wat Klong Buri
 Lp Boonmee Wat Banklum Yaso , Chantaburi
 Por Mor Thong , Sakonnakorn
 Lp BuaPa Wat Nangam , Sakaew
 Charm Oil, NMP
 Lersi Sompit
 Lp Noi Wat Pah Don Pra doo , Sakonnakorn
 Lp Sanit Wat Putta Nupab , Prachinburi
 Lp Kean Sam nak song Pahcha Ban Ponsim , Ubonratch
 Kru Thao senkaew from Ban Pahlankham , Payao
 Archan Mahatana
 KhunPan Tarakratchadet
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best seller : charm Amulets by Ac Mahatana - Pink takut  Made with orginial saney subject from Cambodia and mixed with old powder strongest for attraction which was left over by his master from Cambodia. - with 100spirits =total there are 100 spirits of pregnant lady >>> master of Ac Mahatana before pass away gave some ingredient nmp pure took from 10 combodian ladys who pregnant and pass away + mix with pure nmp that ac mahatana took from 8 pregnant Thai ladys -Lersi with salika back side  with case steel Accept Paypal, western unoin , Mgram , transfer direct to my bank acc pm pls see more items of Ac Mahatana here http://www.khoosettee.com/product-en-1016091-Archan+Mahatana.html
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Product/Service >> Lp Boonlai Wat Nonsai Thong ,AmnatCharoen >> takut placenta of cat (Takut rok maew) by Lp Boonlai Wat Nonsai Thong , Amnatchroen

takut placenta of cat (Takut rok maew) by Lp Boonlai Wat Nonsai Thong , Amnatchroen - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
takut placenta of cat (Takut rok maew) by Lp Boonlai Wat Nonsai Thong , Amnatchroen


takut placenta of cat (Takut rok maew) by Lp Boonlai Wat Nonsai Thong , Amnatchroen

Code: 000192
Price: 1,000.00 THB (Ref. 33.33 USD)

takut placenta of cat (Takut rok maew) first batch year 2551 + draw yant by hand by Lp Boonlai Wat Nonsai Thong , Amnatchroen 

for wealth , call money , good trade , business , gambling luck with real placenta of cats powder and Lp had draw yant by hand ..

real experiean ..many poeple got good trade after keep this takut , lp told us when he still alive if keep this cat takut , the cat will can smell takut and come place , must not hit it , if who can feed them they will bring good luck to u and family . , and many pep[;e pe after keep this takut won lottery , and one diciple of lp ..who want to sell land but cant sell for 5 years ..after keep this takut one month only after than can sell that land so eazy and return donatation some money to temple of lp boon lai 

this takut is ex batch that time lp still healty could draw yant by hand each piecce , after year 2554 lp became sick and cant draw yant anymore , next batch only draw by machine

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Khoo Settee Amulets
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    KhooSettee Thai Amulets , Thai charm amulets take direct from temple real 100% -Lp Khambu Wat Kudchomphoo Ubonratchatani -LP nong Wat wungsithong  , Sakaew -LP In  -Lp Buapah - Lp smarn -Lp simeung - Lp khurn - LP duen ...Read more
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